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Director:  Tony Vardon

Screenwriter:  Kerry Fleming

Genre:  Horror



Special effects artist who has been commissioned to create a mask for an upcoming horror movie when things take a dark turn.

Maggie Shaye's Embrace the Twilight

Director:  Carlos Dunn

Screenwriter:  Carlos Dunn

Genre:  Drama/Action/Horror


IA film based on New York Times bestselling author Maggie Shayne's "Embrace the Twilight." Experience has taught Sarafina that love leads only to betrayal and heartbreak. She has vowed to never allow herself to fall in love again. She brags that she has cured herself of that flaw. Then Colonel Willem Stone comes into her life, a man as boldly alive as she is, and a man with an unbreakable the will of iron. The only thing stronger than the clash of their wills is the power of their desire. When the child of promise is kidnapped, they must put aside their struggle and combine their strengths in a rescue attempt that could cost them their lives. And in the process they discover the most powerful force of all. Love.


Directors:  Carlos Dunn/Steve Olander

Screenwriter:  Rocky Karlage

Genre:  Thriller/Horror/Mystery/Drama

Sequel to the award winning film "The Farm" - second in the trilogy series. From The Farm to "Estella's Revenge" and ending in "The End Was Then", the horrors unleashed by the Dawsons take their toll on both the family and inhabitants of Dawson Falls, Ohio. The Modern Trilogy of The Ghost Walk Saga.


Directors:  Steve Olander

Screenwriter:  Rocky Karlage

Genre:  Paranormal Horror​


Based on a true paranormal story of horror! Newlyweds Johnny and Estella Harper are gifted a home to stay for their honeymoon. It's a wonderful time for the young couple until nature and chance occurrences at 'The Farm' trap them in a place worse than nightmare. The noises at night haunt their waking dreams. "What finds them is not friendly... or kind." View the movie on VOD at the website link above. Winner, BEST FILM-Horror trophy, Indie Gathering International Film Festival. 9 festival "Official Selections", and international distribution. Now available on Continuum VOD. Current: Official Selection and new edit shown at the Lake Erie Arts & Film Festival, September 18, and San Diego's FANtastic Horror Film Festival 2015 Halloween! Newest "Official Selection"s: 2016 "International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema" in London; nominated for 3 awards! And "Venice Film Week", nominated for "Best Feature Film"


Directors:  Malik Ali

Screenwriter: Malik Ali

Produced by: Angry Cupcake Productions and Ghost Walk Studios

Genre:  Drama


Temptation Lane” is a film about Larry who is two years sober and must deal with the reality that his son is homosexual. Which causes the Larry to spiral out of control and battle his past demons as well while trying to accept his son’s lifestyle.

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